The Foundation

Insieme Contro il Cancro

Born to fight cancer at 360° by the will of the two most important Italian Institutions in the field: the Italian Society of Medical Oncology (AIOM), a scientific society which groups almost all oncologists of our country, and the Italian Association for Cancer Patients (AIMaC), acknowledged in 2010 by the Ministry of Labor as the “organization which carries out an undeniable activity of social function in Italy”.

“Insieme contro il cancro” aims to increase population awareness especially by promoting primary and secondary prevention (healthy lifestyles and cancer screening). The purpose of the Foundation is to support and provide the best cancer patient protection in terms of therapeutic options, personal, health, psychological, educational and legal assistance to the patients and their relatives.

Mission & vision

The foundation wants to promote and realize the best cancer patient protection, both by the point of view of therapeutic possibilities and of personal, health care, psychological, educational and juridical assistance to patients and their relatives.

To reach its aim, the Foundation can realize, promote support and sustain:

  • information to cancer patients and their families regarding access to treatment and rehabilitation, through the production and distribution of information leaflet and brochures;
  • promotion of innovation in diagnosis and cancer care and the diffusion of information in this field;
  • equal access right of cancer patients, without any discrimination for social conditions, race, gender, age, geographical locations, to the standard diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation approaches and also to the most innovative and advanced ones for personalised prevention, diagnosis and care, as well as to the clinical trials;
  • social integration and defence of civil rights in job, pension, care and socio-medical assistance of cancer patients and their families, as well as information and psychological support related to individual and social problems and the training of patients, professionals and volunteers in the health, social and working areas, and the monitoring of the European policies for the bio-psycho-social rehabilitation and secondary and tertiary prevention;
  • prevention activity among the citizens also through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the realization of screening for early diagnosis for the purpose of reduce the disease burden, as recommended by the 66th UN General Assembly in september 2011 dedicated to cancer and other non-communicable diseases;
  • spread of the therapeutic alliance culture to improve the relationship among patients, their relatives and healthcare professionals, also to prevent and reduce disputes and litigation;
  • coordination and exchange of scientific and clinical information among the Italian Association of Medical Oncology and the Associations, Institutions, structures and public bodies that support, assist and take care of the patients, ex patients, long term survivors and their relatives or persons related to them;
  • fundraising to be destined to its own institutional purposes, provided that 40% of what is collected – unless otherwise stated by the funding subject – must be devolved to AIOM Foundation for the realization of trials and clinical research projects addressed at the greatest cancer patient protection;
  • development of the national information oncology system (SION) with its strategic role in the healthcare system and in the communication between Institutions and social communication with the aim of facilitating networking the already existing information resources (help line, websites, info points);
  • acceptance and analysis of the information, guidance and rehabilitative needs of cancer patients to give them individual and personalized responses and to promote the development of focused and efficient socialhealth policies, highlighting the role of the Voluntary Service in synergy with the Founder “Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM)”, other scientific societies and the National Health System.

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dino Amadori

Scientific Director of IRST, Meldola

General Medicine
Dott. Claudio Cricelli

President of the Italian Society of General Medicine (SIMG)

Nursing Sciences
Prof. Maria Grazia De Marinis

President of the Degree Course in Nursing Sciences, Campus Bio Medico, Rome

Preclinical and Translational Research
Prof. Marco Pierotti

Scientific Director IRCCS - Istituto Nazionale Tumori Milano

Prof. Gabriella Pravettoni

Ordinary Professor of Cognitive Psychology – University of Milan

Health Economics
Prof. Walter Ricciardi

Ordinary Professor of Public Health, Università Cattolica, Rome

Labour Law
Prof. Michele Tiraboschi

Ordinary Professor of Labour Law, Modena-Reggio Emilia University


Nowadays it is becoming increasingly important that everyone behave responsibly not to get sick, to prevent or delay the onset diseases or reduce their severity The first and most important mean is the primary prevention that consists of adopting some simple precautions to reduce risk factors and prevent the disease. They are small daily actions of crucial importance at virtually no cost to adopt healthy lifestyles (do not smoke, practice phisical activity, follow a healthy diet, limit alcol consumption, protect from the sun).
The final goal is to make prevention become a real “lifestyle”.